Thought for the Day

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm not sure why, but I have been absolutely slothful for a week.
Well, I know how it started. My sister-in-law passed away. I was not so close to her that I could claim a need for mourning, but of course, Sue, my wife, was broken up. So my priorities shifted to family matters. I got in one last swim before we left for the funeral. I jogged with Sue in the neighborhood near our motel.
When it came time to go to the funeral, Sue's father couldn't get out of bed. To make a long story short, he had a stroke. It was one of those things where most of the symptoms pass, but he simply can't live alone any more. He needs help to make sure he doesn't fall down when he tries to get anywhere, and someone to make sure he takes all of his meds correctly.
So when I returned home, Sue stayed to help her dad get his affairs in order and get into a new living situation.
I've been here with my son, Francis, who is grown and attending Mesa Community College. It should be easier for me to get up and go do my workouts. I can turn the alarm up. There's no reason to keep the lights out in the room and try to be quiet so I don't wake Sue at 4:30.
Yet somehow I've been a sloth for the past week. It came to a peak yesterday, when I actually got up, started the coffee maker, laid down on the couch, and woke up late for work.
I lost a week of training I really couldn't spare. Well, I didn't totally lose it. I did some kind of exercise after work for the past five days, but I haven't been training enough. It's hard to get back at it.