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Monday, August 19, 2002

Skyline to the Sea Stevens Creek Striders Clambake

Yesterday I ran further than I have ever run before in a single day. It was the Stevens Creek Striders annual Skyline to the Sea run and clambake. The run is on the Skyline to the Sea Trail, from Saratoga Gap, where Highway 9 intersects with Skyline Boulevard, to Waddell Beach. Runners have three options, the 18 mile section from Saratoga Gap to Big Basin Park Headquarters, the 12 mile section from there to Waddell Beach, or both, for a total of 30 miles. I did both.
Today I'm feeling fine. Lots of marathons have taken more out of me. This was not a race. As a matter of fact, the run organizers had us all chant before we started out, "This is not a race." It was just a long club run, with everyone sticking more or less with a group running at a comfortable LSD pace for them. I ran it in about 7 hours, with several stops on the way. We were at Big Basin Headquarters for at least 20 minutes.

Here are some pictures I took.
(Be aware that after you've looked at a few of these, Yahoo! is likely to say that my website has exceeded its data transfer quota and shut the site down for an hour.)

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