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Thursday, October 2, 2003

Interesting Run

The entry in my log book for today says:

Course: Canal by Scottsdale Running Co.
Distance: 4 miles
Notes: Quick. Ran the first 2 mi a step ahead of Mark Allen.

Sure it was that Mark Allen, the one who won IronMan Hawaii 6 times. He came out and ran a four miler with folks at the Scottsdale Running Company, showed a video and gave a very interesting and inspirational talk.
On the run of course he was just jogging and chatting with folks. He sped up a little at the turnaround, and I had the choice of either huffing and panting trying to keep up, or just going my own pace and being comfortable for the talk after the run.
It was great to hear his stories about competing at the highest level in one of the most grueling sports. And yet he never sounded like he didn't think of himself as just another one of us. He's a great guy.
Got me thinking about going into the pool...

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