Thought for the Day

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Down Memory Lane

I have PRs recorded, but I've told you guys that I used to run faster, but didn't write anything down. Well, after moving to Phoenix, I found a lot of old stuff I had stashed away. One thing that turned up is an annual race schedule printed by the Santa Cruz County Distance Runners for the year of 1979.
In it, I had written in my times and finishes in several of the races. I had written in a couple of races that weren't on the schedule in the margins.
Below are some of what I consider the highlights. This doesn't get me any closer to knowing what my real, lifetime PRs are, because this is just from one year, and probably not my best year. I didn't make a note on any of these races indicating what I thought about my times, and I wasn't really paying attention to PRs.

5/5/79 The Corralitos 20K
32nd overall in 1:20:34
That stands out in my memory as one of my best races. It was the longest race I had done, I felt great through almost all of it, and I was thrilled with my finish time. About a half mile from the finish, my calves decided to knot up, first one, crunch, then the other, scrunch. I hobbled in trying to look like I was running.

7/4/79 Bluegrass 10,000, Lexington, Kentucky
185th overall in 40:54
A very good finish in a pretty big race on a hot, humid day. I had hardly been running at all because I was in Kentucky for the summer working for my Uncle Tom's construction company. It was hot and humid all the time, and I was spending my work days doing manual labor. On the couple of mornings or evenings that I went for a run, I couldn't get dry after taking a shower because the sweat wouldn't stop pouring out of me.

9/23/79 Nisene Marks Park Run to the Creek 10K
I don't have my finish place for this. My time was 39:17
I must have been back from Kentucky for a couple of weeks when I ran this. This park was, and still is, one of my favorite places to run. This was on trails and a dirt road through a redwood forest.

I'm sure it wasn't as much fun for you as it was for me, but I hope you enjoyed this trip back through time with me.

Monday, September 15, 2003

I Did-A-Run 10K 2003

I decided to do the I Did-A-Run 10K yesterday, basically because registration was free for members of the Arizona Road Racers. I've been a member for a while now, although I haven't done many group runs with them.
There were no mile markers, so I have no splits. It was a nice race on horse trails in the desert. No hills, just a few places were you ran down into a gully and out the other side. I had an unremarkable time, 45:16, 1:35 slower than my PR, but I am thrilled with it.
It was a trail run, which should be expected to be slower than a road race, but the main reason I'm happy with this time is what I did the day before. I ran twenty hilly miles in South Mountain Park the previous morning. I did what we call Double Dobbins, twice up Summit Rd. to Dobbins Lookout, about 2,000 ft. in 5 miles, and back down again.
It probably was tempting fate to try a race the next day, but I felt fine, and I told myself there was no pressure to perform. If I felt any reason to slack off, I would.
I felt fine the whole way. I think I slowed down around three miles, but put on a push in the last couple of miles.
I had my doubts about how ready I was going to be for the Long Beach Marathon on 10/12. Now I'm sure it will be all right.