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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Foothills 10K 2004

In July of 2002, when I was 43 years old, I ran a 10K in 43:41, and I thought I could easily get my 10K time under my age. I ran six more 10Ks that year, all in less than 45 minutes, but all over 43:40.
Until yesterday, I'd run four 10Ks at the age of 44, and all of them were over 45 minutes.
Yesterday's race was predominantly downhill, a very fast course, but with lots of ups and downs. I wouldn't describe it as easy, but i have to admit it was fast.

Downhill first two miles:

1. 6:17
2. 6:47 13:04

Mile 3 it starts to be rolling hills:

3. 7:10 20:14
4. 6:58 27:12

Mile 5 has the longest uphill, and my quads are feeling like stone.

5. 7:42 34:54

During that fifth mile, someone has latched onto me and is running on my heels.
He isn't really drafting, because there's no wind. I try to step to one side, but he follows me. I try to lose him on a downhill, and he drops back a little, but catches me on the uphill, even though I'm trying to pull away.
Sixth mile is more typical of the rest of the race, rolling, but with more down than up.
With about half a mile to go, the guy behind finally passes, and it's a highschool kid in a spiderman tee shirt. I'm relieved he's not in my age group.

6. 7:03 41:57

Coming into the finish I'm trying to kick, but I'm suddenly in a crowd of people catching up with me. I must have worn myself out because there's not much left as I cross the line.

6.2 1:19 43:16

I finally beat my age. I set a new masters PR. I ran a pretty good, even, fast pace. I know it was gravity-assisted, but it wasn't easy. I flew downhill, but I fought uphill, too. I was sore today. This is a USATF certified 10K course.

If it's at all possible, I think I'll run this one again next year.

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