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Friday, March 14, 2008

Diabetic Runners opinions

I'd like to get some opinions on this. Medtronic is the title sponsor of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Every year, through the the Global Heroes program Medtronic sponsors several runners to participate in the marathon and 10 mile run events there. These runners are people who are living with medical devices, people with medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, spinal disorders, chronic pain or neurological disorders.

This is all very good, a wonderful thing.
However, one of the criteria for applying for recognition in the Global Heroes program is:

"Runners 40 years and older, who have had diabetes for more than 15 years, are ineligible."

The guidelines for eligibility are described here:

Let me point out a few things.

This applies to both the marathon and the ten mile race.

Everyone participating in either of the events signs a waiver, whether they are part of the Global Heroes program, or registering themselves.

Anyone applying to the Global Heroes program must:
"Have previously run similar distances to the race to which he/she is applying (i.e. a 10 mile race or marathon). No first-time or beginning runners."
"Certify they have consulted with a physician who deems the runner medically fit to participate in the race."

These eligibility criteria apply only to application to the Global Heroes program. A 70 year old with diabetes for 60 years who has never run a mile is free to register and run in the marathon.

These are just the criteria for applying. Selection is not automatic. Only 25 runners will be chosen for 2008.

The total number of runners selected for the Global Heroes program will be about 0.2% of the participants in the marathon and ten mile races.

In my opinion, the requirement that a diabetic runner must be under 40 or have had diabetes for less than 15 years is absurd.
What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

Hey i was surffing the web and decided to see if i could find some runners with diabetes. Im 17 years old and I'm a distance runner i run cross country, i have had diabetes for little over a year now, I run the 5K in high 17s low 18s and i am planing to break the record at my school for the 800 and get in the top ten for the mile, well i guess what im pretty much saying is hello and it be nice to get to know other diabetic runners, also that diabetes believe or not has helped me in my running it made me alot more aware and has been a motivation

jpnairn said...

Very cool. I hope you followed some of the other links on my blog to find more information and connect with more diabetic athletes.