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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marathons 45 and 46

Well, as Kevin mentioned in his blog, we both ran the Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Marathon last Sunday.
My time for the marathon would have been fairly easy to predict, since I was one of two pacers leading the 4:15 marathon group. Jennifer and I finished in 4:14:02, running a fairly consistent pace throughout.
Jennifer used to be my most frequent training partner, but we haven't run together that much recently. When we met a few years ago, we were pretty close to the same speed, but she keeps getting faster, and I keep getting older.
This was my 45th lifetime official marathon. It wasn't a difficult marathon for me, but the lack of training due to colds and laziness over the holidays made it harder than it had to be.
This leaves me in pretty bad shape going into this weekend, when I'll be running the Carlsbad Marathon, my 46th marathon, in support of Insulindependence. I have no great ambitions for this marathon, but I'd like to break four hours.
Then I don't have another marathon to run until my 47th, the Lost Dutchman Marathon, February 15.
Of course, I can't expect to run Lost Dutchman any faster than RNRAZ or Carlsbad, because I'm going to run the Pemberton Trail 50K the day before.
This leaves me two chances, my 48th and 49th lifetime marathons, to run a Boston qualifying time (3:35) before Ironman Arizona with Triabetes in November.
But the most attractive marathons to me, in terms of convenience and adventure, are the Bataan Death March Marathon and the Whiskey Row Marathon.
They are both very tough.
It doesn't look good for qualifying for Boston this year.


Ironbolus said...

Great job on completing yet another marathon, just came across your blog through a google search and noticed you are part of insulindependence and I assume triabetes. I had hoped to join triabetes as a captain in 2009 but my MBA program prevented the dedication I needed to train for my second Ironman so I needed to put that effort off for a year. Look forward to reading more about you!


Mike Fraser said...

Been reading your blog for a little while now. I must say you've got an impressive running record. Far more than I think I'd ever do, but heah, that's what I say today right!
So, you've had number 50 on your mind for a while I assume. Anything special you've chosen?

jpnairn said...

Thanks for the Kudos, Ed and Mike. I appreciate it especially from diabetic athletes like you who are in a position to understand.

My 50th marathon will be at Ironman Arizona in November.
It's becoming clear to me that I haven't been talking about Ironman enough in the blog, even though that's where my real focus is.
I'm doing Ironman AZ as part of Triabetes, and it will be my first Ironman. There's a lot of training ahead.

I hope to meet both of you at some events in the future!
Keep on racing!