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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Biking At Last

You may notice that my training chart finally includes biking as well as running and swimming. I have some kind of unreasonable phobia about biking that has delayed the start of any serious bicycle training.
But I finally put that behind me on Saturday. Biking around the neighborhood, I felt great and had no problems.
Of course, after going nearly 11 miles without incident, I rolled up in front of my house, got one foot out of the SpeedPlay clips, failed to get the other foot free, and fell down, gouging the back of my right calf on the cranks.
This has put a hole in my swimming training for a few days, but I am fine for running and biking.

Click here for a gruesome picture. I left it out of the post because I thought it might gross some people out.


Mike Fraser said...

Been there and done that Jerry. Ouch! Took me like a month and a half to heal.

jpnairn said...

I don't have time for that! I need to be over this like yesterday.

Homeopath said...

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