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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Havasu Falls

Well, I can't leave this blog just sitting here like this. I've been thinking about blogging, and things I should comment on. I even uploaded a bunch of pictures from a hike my son and I took down to Havasu Falls back on November 29th of last year, but I never got around to writing anything about it.
Anyway, please enjoy these pictures.

Snow! Something we hadn't seen for a while. It had us thinking it would be very cold in the canyon, but it wasn't.

At the rim of the Grand Canyon before heading in.

Passing the Havasupai village on the way down.

Francis shooting some video from the edge of one of the smaller waterfalls along the way.

Havasu Falls from above.

More video of falls.

It was a long, exhausting, fun, beautiful day. If you're ever on your way to the Grand Canyon, and you want some company, let me know. I need to spend more time there.
Happy New Year, everyone!

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