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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fathers' Day Ride

Last Sunday, Fathers' Day, I went for a ride with my son, Francis. His favorite participatory sports is skateboarding, but he's getting used to biking, going to school and to work. It was great to ride with him around Ahwatukee on Sunday.
When I ride with Francis, I assume that I need to slow down and make sure I don't leave him behind, but we did a few good hills on this ride. Up the first big hill, I left him behind about halfway up. I wasn't being competitive, but I needed to keep my momentum up.
Then we hauled down the backside of the hill and started the second big climb together. After a few minutes I suddenly realized Francis was twenty feet ahead of me and pulling away.
Well, yeah, at that point I did get competitive. :-) I had to shift up and stand out of the seat a little while to catch up and pass him. I'm old, but I'm not dead yet.
He caught up again in a short while, but I think I was ahead of him when we crested the hill. However, it's pretty clear that if I had any edge on my son on the bike, it is fading fast.
Oh, well, it's more motivation to train harder.
And a great way to spend Fathers' Day.


Crandell Fam said...

That sounds like fun! :) A great way to spend your father's day. Does he enjoy riding as much as you?

jpnairn said...

I think he's getting to like it. I think he'd like racing.

UA-communication-research said...
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