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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Poetry

The publication of the new No Sugar Added Poetry book from the Diabetes Hands Foundation has sent me back to the poetry and writing groups on TuDiabetes, and reading more diabetic poetry has, of course, inspired me to write some more. So here are a couple of things I've written in the past week:

The Big D

Once a certain death
Diabetes is now
something a person can live with.

Once a certain death
of a boy I read about
reminded me
Diabetes isn't something a person can ignore
and live with.

Once a certain death
standing in the darkness by the bed
as I came sweating and trembling to awareness
reminded me my death
is something I live with.

Haiku-betes is one of the groups in the TuDiabetes social network. It is dedicated to diabetes-related Haiku.

Woke up wondering
What is my blood sugar now?
And so go the days

I'm not sure if what follows, a set of three paragraphs, qualifies as Haiku or not.Whatever it is, I submit it for your amusement.

Car radio plays
Song by Bernie and Elton
might be about me

And all this science
Just my job five days a week
I don't understand

I'm a rocket man
Not the man they think I am
Burnin' out his fuse


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