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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Peter

Years ago, I didn't know anyone else who was trying to stay athletic in spite of having type 1 diabetes. I met a few other type 1 diabetics, and I heard about athletes with type 1 diabetes, but I had no real connection with anyone like me.
Eventually, I became acquainted with other diabetic athletes via the internet. First I sought out the email addresses of people like Bill King. Then I joined DESA and other groups. That's how I made a connection with InsulInDependence and became a charter member.
For about a year I exchanged email with Peter before we finally met for lunch the day before the Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Marathon in 2008.
That's when I entered the third stage of my life as a diabetic athlete. That's when I became a part of a real community of diabetic athletes.
I was 48 years old, sitting across the table from this kid, from the same generation as my children, and thinking about the life he had already led, from hitch-hiking across Europe, to visiting Base Camp on Everest, to multiple Ironman finishes. I was amazed.
And I didn't know Peter well enough to be appropriately impressed.
I have met a lot of amazing and special people through Peter and InsulInDependence, but Peter is the most amazing for this reason.
He shows others, each of us, how special we all are. It seems to be his mission.
We are all better for having met him.

Happy birthday, Peter!



Lindsay said...


Seattle has found a large group of Athletic Type 1 diabetics. The JDRF NW chapter even organizes a quarterly Sports and Diabetes workshop. It's awesome to be in a room surrounded by 50 other people with Type 1 who are extremely into cycling, climb mountains, do Ironmans, run marathons, extreme skiers, etc.

Gary said...

Very well said Jerry. I am so fortunate (lucky) to have stumbled upon a little post on TuDiabetes looking for runners for a relay that you put up. That post led me to meeting you and Peter and getting involved with Insulindependence.