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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth

I went to see my endocrinologist last week, and we looked at some unfortunate patterns in my blood sugars. I explained that my basal rates were almost certainly too low since my activity has decreased so much from where it has been in the past. She agreed, and made some suggestions about adjusting the basals upward incrementally. There might be no need to go through basal testing while fasting if I already know I need to increase the basal rates. Later I could fine tune it if necessary.
So I was listening to this and nodding my head, but meanwhile, inside, I'm thinking, "NO! It's not my basal rate that's wrong! It's my body! I need to get more exercise, not compensate for not exercising!"
So it's been a week, and my basal rates are still too low, as I knew they were before I even went to see the endo, but I'm reluctant to make the change. It's like conceding that I'm lazy.
Maybe a century ride down in Tucson on Saturday will kickstart me out of this funk. Maybe.


Anne said...

try a temp basal rate increase 24 hrs at a time.

but you know, if your blood sugars are too high, it's okay to just take more insulin. Your cells will be all happy and stuff and ready for when you up the volume again.

Katie @ said...

I know the feeling of not wanting to increase the basal rate, I'm going through the same thing right now as I too am not exercising nearly as much as I was when training for the marathon ... it feels like you're doing something wrong when you have to increase the numbers, at least that's how I feel. Good luck with it.

Mike said...

I'm going through the same exact thing! Asking why am I adjusting basal rate vs. getting my ass out and working out!

GeekGuyAndy said...

I highly recommend dynamically changing basal rates. I usually make adjustments every few days, usually in very small amounts, and I believe that is what gets my a1cs, in the 5 range. I'll look through a few days of CGM readings, and go up or down a few clicks on the pump during certain time periods, so that my sugars stop drifting up or down between meals and especially at night.