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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Diabetic Running Gear

Hey, reader,
I've been doing a bit of running lately, but not enough. When I get out there, I'm having fun, so I'm confident that I'll be able to build up some more mileage before meeting up with the Insulindependence crowd at the Carlsbad Marathon, which is the next event in which I'm sure I'll participate.
But today I'm just going to share a report on the diabetes gear I take with me on runs.

Glucose tablets, or some source of quick carbohydrates:
These are the store brand glucose tablets. Glucolift makes a tastier, all-natural alternative, but this is what I have right now.
 Some ID, indicating that you are diabetic:
This is my MedicAlert ID. I started with the MedicAlert Foundation in 1974, so I'm not going to change now.
A meter:
OneTouch Ultra Mini meter, lancet device, a few strips in an old Listerine Strips container, a piece of tech fiber cloth (like ShamWow) and plastic bag to hold it all.
A meter is so much smaller than so many less important things people run with, there's really no excuse for not carrying one except if you're not going far. The little piece of cloth is for those few times when it might be necessary to dry your fingers to get a test.

An infusion site:
What a fat model I had pose for these pictures, huh?
An insulin pump:
My Animas Ping.
My DexCom sensor and transmitter:
That's the back of my arm near my shoulder.
My DexCom receiver:
It's in an iPhone arm band wrapped around my forearm. I can see my blood sugar trend as easily as the time on my watch.
Then of course there are all of the ordinary runner things, a watch, maybe some Gu, some water...
It does take some organization sometimes to get out the door.



Scully said...

A Listerine case?!
wow.... I'm floored.

great post!

jpnairn said...

Thanks, Scully. Either you're easily impressed, or I'm smarter than I thought.
The Listerine strip case isn't really necessary. I only started using that recently. Before I had that, I just threw 5 to 10 strips into the plastic bag. Sure, they're useless if they get wet, but mostly they don't get wet.
The little Listerine strip case makes it easier to get a trip out for use, though.
I thought the DexCom on my forearm was my really bright move.

Adam Couchman said...

Thanks for the post. I've just started running this year after having T1D for over 12 years. As for the BSL tester, I used to take strips with me and they kept getting wet and so useless. Love the Listerene case idea. Brilliant! I've also purchased a Accuchek Mobile, which is tape based "all-in-one" and I find much easier to test with on the run than a "strip" based tester.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I love the listerine strips case too! I wish all of the strips would come in something a little easier to carry than a big, round vial.

jpnairn said...

Thanks, Adam! I just checked a YouTube video of the AccuCheck Mobile, and it looks awesome!

It's hard to tell how big it is, though. If it's not too bulky, I'll get one.

Wendy Rose said...

Totally impressed by the Listerine thing!

My 9 year old T1 just joined her school's Cross Country team...we're in the process of trying to figure all this jazz out.

Thanks :)

Nicole Clay said...

I always feel like I have to pack a Uhaul with all of the diabetic supplies I need to go for a run or bike ride. I love the Listerine case idea, too! I'll have to tuck that away for future reference.

Nicole Clay said...
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Nicole Clay said...
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