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Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello, Is this thing on?

First post on this blog in almost 5 years. I'm not sure who will notice this. The main reason I'm posting here is I'd like to write a little about an upcoming event, the St. George Marathon, and leave it here and link to it from Twitter and Facebook.

Type One Run has a few members going to the 2017 St. George Marathon, October 7, and is asking other interested runners with type 1 diabetes to register and run it with us.

If you buy a nice Type One Run running shirt, it will help us all make a good showing and represent people with diabetes. You can only get in on this order of shirts until 4/28/2017.

In the time since I last posted here, four and a half years, I ran 16 more marathons. Sadly, they were all terribly slow, mostly because I haven't trained properly.

Here are the details:

6:37:1915:102/7/2016126CASurf City Marathon
5:22:5312:2010/4/2015154MNMedtronic Twin Cities Marathon
5:21:3612:175/3/201564CAOC Marathon
6:29:4912:352/28/201527CAOrange Curtain 50K
5:06:0111:412/1/201585CASurf City Marathon
7:46:0817:4711/8/201427CACatalina Island Eco Marathon
5:26:1812:2710/12/201435CALong Beach Marathon
5:49:3813:219/7/201484CAVentura Marathon
5:51:1013:256/15/201442CAFathers Day Marathon*
5:30:5112:385/4/201444CAOC Marathon
9:01:2120:393/23/201435NMBataan Death March Marathon
5:27:1512:302/16/201428CAMajestic Marathon*
5:37:1112:521/19/2014133CACarlsbad Marathon
5:35:0712:479/8/2013224CAVentura Marathon
5:55:5713:351/27/201377CACarlsbad Marathon
6:06:0313:5911/11/2012294CAMalibu Marathon

That number between the date and the state in my spreadsheet is "days between", as in days between marathons. Since as you can see, the last marathon was February of 2016, and I'm not registered for another until July, the next "days between" number will be the highest ever. I've gone more than a year without running a marathon.

But just in time I've gotten inspired by this great group, Type One Run. I was incredibly fortunate to meet Craig Stubing, founder of Type One Run, at a JDRF Summit in Pasadena. We spoke briefly about running and the fact that Type One Run had a team in the Ragnar SoCal Relay.
Then a week later, I got an email saying that one of their runners had dropped out, and asking if I would like to join. Of course I would!

I've had this experience of being on an overnight relay with a team of diabetics four times now, and I would recommend it to anyone dealing with this disease.
My experience with Type One Run was relentlessly positive and inspiring. And it reminded me of a lot of things I've been missing in my life recently.

OK. A couple of things to explain in that list of marathons:
The Catalina Eco Marathon is just really, really tough, especially for a fat old, out of shape diabetic.
I did the Bataan Death March Marathon for my second time in 2014, but this time my youngest brother Chris did it with me, and we did it in the "Heavy" category, meaning we wore 35 pound backpacks. That is also a tough marathon, even without a pack, but not quite like Catalina Eco.


james said...

what's your july marathon?

Georgi said...

Jerry you are an inspiration. And also, I'm pretty sure, certifiably insane. :)

jpnairn said...

Dances with Dirt Devil's Lake 50K.
This was my brother Chris's idea. He's the one who lives in Madison, WI. Well, his idea was that we should do the marathon together. I suggested the 50K.
Chris has done more than a dozen marathons, but no ultras.

jpnairn said...

Thanks, Georgi!
I was serious about what I said about bad judgement and experience.
If experience comes from making bad decisions, I may be the most experienced type 1 diabetic runner there is.