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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Diabetes Training Camp

Diabetes Training Camp was awesome... incredible.

I want to name a few of the personnel, to give an idea of the level of training at the camp, but it's not really fair. There are many others involved, and they were all fantastic at their jobs.

Missy Foy, type 1 diabetic and world class marathoner and ultra marathoner, and for a long time a personal hero of mine, was our running coach at the camp.

Rick Crawford, a former pro bike rider and triathlete, now a coach, who has coached many pro triathletes and cyclists, including a kid named Lance Armstrong, lectured us on training the central nervous system and was available for private consultations. We had a beer together and talked for about an hour about my Ironman training program.
He wrote this article the day after our camp ended:

Carrie Cheadle was there to help us with the mental part of the event.

Nicole Freedman, former pro rider and Olympic competitor, and Bike Czar of Boston, was our bike coach.

I rode to the top of Gates Pass from the "easy" side.
I had an opportunity to do a supported ride up Mt. Lemmon, but it seemed like a bad idea for the day before Old Pueblo.
If I hadn't been running Old Pueblo, I could have done a run with Dave Scott that morning, as part of TriFest, instead.

It was just an incredible week.
So why do I have mixed feelings about it? I'll have to cover that in another post.

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