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Monday, March 30, 2009

What's in a name?

I am considering moving this blog to WordPress and getting a domain name for it. There's a poll on the left side of the blog to see if anyone reading this has any preferences. Suggestions can be made as comments on this blog post. I appreciate your input.


Marcus Grimm said...

You could always keep it on Blogger and still get your own URL and point here... I've got & pointing to mine.

I've thought about switching to WP a few times, but you always lose some core audience when you do so (not everyone will update the new url), so I haven't done it.

What are your reasons?

Saci & Carlene said...

i voted for incurable because of the dual meaning... the only sad part is if I ever wanted that name I can't use it now :)

jpnairn said...

Thanks for the tips, Marcus. I really like some of the functionality on WordPress, though.

I thought of "enduring-type1" as a domain name with a dual meaning also.
You're welcome to use incurable triathlete if I use incurable runner, and of course you can use any name I don't use it.

Thanks for the input, guys.

Anne said...

I voted for nairnathoner but of course after this year you will have a big triathlon to your name...

I also recently bought domains and .net and point those to my blog--not that anyone probably knows that.


saci said...

I was just kidding... it's taken me long enough to figure out how to use a blog.. I wouldn't dare switch now