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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Learning to Swim

As a runner, being around other runners for decades, I've heard and read lots of stories that start like, "I couldn't make it around the block..." or even "I couldn't run to the corner..." Then this person runs around the block, then a mile, gradually becomes a runner, perhaps even runs marathons or longer.
Well, that's me with swimming.
Last night I reached a milestone by swimming without stopping farther than I have in more than three decades. Now I only need to work up to swimming 160 times as far by November 22.
Later on at home, I reached down to pick up a can of juice, and water ran out of my nose. That hasn't happened since I was a teenager, and I used to body surf for hours.
A while back I bought a nose clip for swimming, but I haven't been wearing it. I don't see anyone else wearing one, and I feel dorky enough without it.
But maybe I need it. I do have freakishly large nostrils.


Kevin said...

Hahah, I haven't noticed your extraordinarily large nostrils before.

My problem is swallowing so much water I actually have to get out and pee before my swim time is up!

PJ said...

You'll get there!

Swimming is the most difficult discipline for me as well. I have no patience and it takes a lot of patience to master swimming.

Ever watch Finding Nemo? If so, then the phrase "Just Keep Swimming" will mean something to you. I had a t-shirt printed up last year that said that to keep me motivated and it went through my head at least 20 billion times during the IM swim. It worked! :)