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Friday, May 8, 2009

Avenue of the Giants

If it looks like I'm really suffering in this picture from the Avenue of the Giants Marathon, then it's a good likeness.
I was not in shape for a marathon last weekend. I did a 65 mile bike ride that I wasn't in shape for the week before.
So I almost got the marathon I deserved. The thing that was better than I deserved was the fact that this is a beautiful course, and the weather was perfect for running. The temperature stayed in the 50's for the whole race, probably cooler in lots of places due to the shade of the forest.
Anyway, I got my 49th lifetime marathon out of the way, and I won't do any more of those until after Ironman Arizona.
The marathon was just part of the trip to Northern California. The more important part was the visit with my daughter, her fiance, and my grandson, River.
Now I'm sick. I've got a head full of mucous. It's hard to get motivated feeling like this. The main motivation right now is the dread of having an awful time trying to finish in November.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling crummy - that's never any fun.

Congratulations on another marathon!

Mike Fraser said...

J - That was the last race level 26.2 you'll have until November. Which means you WILL be better prepaired come Ironday. The head cold...a pothole in the road. Though annoying to have to go through it, you can still see the other side and it's looking really good. Sometimes the best is just to have enjoyed finishing. Good job man.

PJ said...

Hope you're feeling better!

jpnairn said...

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. I am feeling better.
I was expecting more comments on the picture of the cutest kid in the universe.
Maybe it just doesn't come through in that photo.

agent_nero said...


You'd better invite me to the big 5-0. Maybe you should do it at Carlsbad for a PR? Always a place for you to stay here!

jpnairn said...

Peter, Number 50 is the marathon at the end of IMAZ. I expect you to be there!

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