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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sorry, My Bad

Apparently the health care crisis is caused by "exercise freaks" like me. Sorry about that.

In the words of Rush Limbaugh:

Folks, I gotta tell you, I, uh, I think that those of you who regularly exercise, playing softball, baseball, basketball, soccer, mountain biking, running, rock climbing, skiing, skating, running, you're the people getting injured. You're the people showing up at the hospital with busted knees, and tendons and skin cancer, ankle sprains, knee and hip replacements, broken bones, concussions, muscle ligament tendon cartilage strains and tears, tendinitis, rotator cuff tears. All you exercise freaks. You're the ones putting stress on the health care system.

What happens when people don't regularly exercise, keep their weight relatively under control? Nothing. They probably don't even know their doctors names.

So you're urged, what, to do all this stuff and you end up in the hospital all the time with these injuries, and some people think these injuries are badges of honor, knee surgery scars are badge of honor, shows toughness.

Yeah, toughness somebody else has to pay for.

Overweight drug addicts are bearing the burden of the medical expenses of people who go outside and exercise. Hm. I've had that all turned around.
I know Rush Limbaugh is strictly for entertainment and should never be taken seriously, but I find it hard to believe this rant strikes a chord with even his most steadfast admirers.
Don't play softball or baseball? Isn't that un-American?
It's odd Mr. Limbaugh seems to have omitted more violent sports like football, boxing, wrestling, and martial arts.
I guess tennis is OK, too. Golf is fine, I'm sure, as long as you drive a cart.
Running is so bad he mentions it twice.
Anyway, I'm sure he was talking about me, because even some people who exercise think I do a lot. I'm sure I seem like an "exercise freak" to someone like Mr. Limbaugh.
However, Rush Limbaugh definitely knows his doctor's name. He probably has more than one doctor on speed dial, if only to fill his prescriptions.


Ironbolus said...

Not that an oxycodon addict would ever put a strain on the health care system. Or the fact that most orthopedic surgeons do not take insurance and make the patient cover the cost - yep we're the culprit!

Mike Fraser said...

Humerous and pitiful at the same time. I caught the "Running" mentioned twice also. Funny. Maybe he meant "Running (as in ones mouth) the second time. Wouldn't that make someone of his stature like "Elite Pro" in that division?

Amy said...

LAME, lame, LAME

And another thing... what would rednecks watch on TV while guzzling beers if all the "exercise freaks" stopped playing football and baseball? Huh?!