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Friday, October 7, 2011

the Politics of Diabetes

I know I haven't been blogging for a while. I don't know exactly why. I really can't say that I've been too busy. I've been letting a lot of things in my life slide.
I have friends who can keep writing new stuff day after day. And it's interesting stuff.
It's honest. It comes from the heart. They are putting their lives out there for the world to see.
It's easier for some of them, because they're nice people. They wouldn't be so open with their thoughts and feelings if they were selfish, egotistical, greedy, lazy, apathetic, lecherous, chauvinistic, cantankerous curmudgeons like me.

But I'll try to blog more often anyway, because as I've observed before, if you don't write anything, no one follows your blog.

If you follow my twitter account, then you know one of the areas which I'm obsessed with, but I don't blog about, is politics. I have felt that this blog was not about politics, and it would be easy for me to drive away people who were interested in diabetes and endurance events if I posted too much about politics.
But on twitter, you're probably seeing more than you'd like of my political opinions. Too bad.

I've decided I may occasionally say something about things happening in the news, including political events or non-events that are in the headlines.
That's because these things do involve diabetes and how people with diabetes live.
Of the two main political parties in the US, one has supported a rational approach to stem cell research, while the other has opposed it. As a diabetic, I would like scientists to be able to explore all ethical avenues which might lead to a cure.
One party supported taking some action toward affordable health care for all, and one party wants to repeal the little that has been done. As a diabetic, I would like to be confident that I will not find myself unable to afford the best possible treatment.
One party has become decidedly anti-science. As a diabetic, I depend on science every day to survive.

That's probably enough for today.



Lindsay said...

As a biologist and a T1, I also want research and healthcare to go in direction for finding a cure.

My sadly cliche wish is that everybody would get along and that we would all work towards caring for others and improving life for others.

I appreciate your post, and it was well written on such a delicate subject. :)

michael said...
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