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Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm back

Hello. I'm back, at least for one blog post.
I have moved from Chandler, AZ to Simi Valley, CA. Simi Valley is hills and trails, awesome running territory.
I'm totally out of shape, but I did this run last Saturday.
What else is new? There's a new No Sugar Added Poetry Book coming out from the Diabetes Hands Foundation, and it looks like I'll have a couple of poems in it, both about death and diabetes. Inspiring, I know.
Here are a couple of other things I wrote recently, after poetry was collected for the book.

Blue Candles

I thought about buying blue candles
In symbolic support for the dead
But I would hope never to light one
That they'd melt in a drawer instead.

my eyes

I hate what you see in my eyes
I know you only know because you love me
Please, when I come around
I mean me
not the me with barren, hungry blood
not the angry, resentful me

I hate that you see it in my eyes
before I know myself
I hate that you learned to notice
please when I come around
forgive me.

If someone can get grouchy
missing a meal
what happens when the brain is starving?

I know, because I've felt it
You know, because you've seen it
Please forgive me
I hate what you see in my eyes

That's all for today. I have at least a couple other blog posts half-written, but you know how it goes with this.


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Scully said...

no matter what, I'm just glad to see you "around". and for the record, your poems in the first book are my favs from the rest.