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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2000 Miles to Chicago

So it's about 2000 miles from Chandler, AZ to Harpo Studios in Chicago, IL, where Oprah and Dr. Oz film their TV shows. If I were to bike the distance, I suppose I could do around 50 miles per day for 40 days. It would be possible to do it faster.
Running, I wouldn't want to schedule myself for more than 20 miles per day, which would mean it would take at least 100 days.
I'm trying to think about how I could fit it into my life to do an epic ride or run out there to tell O&O they are full of crap.
At this point, this is just a crazy idea that I haven't really thought through. Don't count on it happening. It's just what I would like to do, if I didn't have any responsibilities. It's a dream.
In my dream, I would set out for Chicago and get more and more publicity on the way until Dr. Oz started to think, "Gee, maybe I should set the record straight on some of the absolute hooey I have been repeating over and over in print and on television."
And of course, Oprah might ask herself if Dr. Oz is really as smart as she thought he was.
Then by the time I got there, we would have nothing left we disagreed about, and I would just go home.


Queenie said...

I totally agree - O&O are full of crap. Maybe I'll drop by Harpo since I live in the Chicago suburbs.

Anonymous said...

DO IT! That would be so awesome!!

Jen said...

I'd go with you!