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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make The Low Go

It's day 2 of Diabetes Blog Week, and the topic is "Making the low go."

My favorite hypo treatment for years has been the juice box.
They go down easy. They last a long time. They're delicious. I feel like I'm getting some real, healthy food when I have a juice.
I keep them in my car, in my fridge, in my office, but they're just not convenient to carry everywhere.
So I always have a tube of glucose tablets in my pocket.
However, I don't like to eat the glucose tablets. I would just rather eat real food. If I'm going low, and there is any other source of food available, the glucose stays in my pocket. If I have the option to walk out during a movie and buy something for $2 from the snack bar, that's probably what I'm going to do instead of just pulling out the glucose tablets.
Sometimes the same ten glucose tablets will be in the tube for months as I walk, ride, and run around, the tablets jostling against each other the whole time. When I finally pop the tube open, a puff of pulverized glucose dust bursts into the air.

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Blair said...

I go through the same process and know that poof of powder well...