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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Biggest Supporter

The third in the series of Diabetes Blogger Week posts is about My Biggest Supporter.

It's hard to pick just one person, because so many people have been very supportive of me, but after giving it a lot of thought, I decided I have to say it's Mom.
She was there at the start of my diabetic life.
Sometimes people ask diabetics when they "got" the disease, but what diabetics answer with is when they were diagnosed. We all had symptoms coming on gradually before we knew what was going on, so the diagnosis is the only definitive starting point we have.
Mom was the person who saw that I was sick and took me to a doctor. She was there while I explained my symptoms, answered questions, had blood drawn, and found out I had diabetes.
She probably saved my life that day, and probably several times after that. (She is not alone in having saved my life.)
She had the patience to make sure I was taking care of myself as a typical teenager, balancing that with giving me enough space to feel like I was doing it myself.
Through all of the things I've done since, she has always had a positive, supportive attitude.

Mom with my grandson, her great grandson, River.

Thanks, Mom!


k2 said...

Your wonderful mother has a wonderful son!
kelly k

thisiscaleb said...

Lovely. This made me smile.