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Friday, December 5, 2008

Beer Runs

As a Triabetes team captain, I would like to be able to wear Triabetes team gear at every athletic event I participate in. However, I'm contractually obligated to promote MGD 64 at athletic events. I agreed to do this in exchange for some cool MGD64 gear and free beer.
Picture Homer Simpson with a far away look in his eyes.
Mmmmm, free beer...
So if you're a diabetic athlete, and you see an MGD64 shirt out on a race course. Look again and see if it's me. I'd be glad to hear from you, and I'll probably give you coupons for discounts on MGD64.
Mmmmm, cheap beer...

Of course, I'd also like to wear my Marathon Maniac gear at some marathons, and my East Valley Runners shirts to promote my local running club, and my Team Diabetes singlet to promote a great local program raising money for the American Diabetes Association.
Maybe what I need is to stitch together something with all of these logos.

1 comment:

Kevin Burgess said...

You have inspired me to contact Jack Daniels distillery to see if they will sponsor me - LOL